Hertfordshire Ranks 3rd on List for Best Places to Live in the UK!

The county of Hertfordshire has retained its top spot of 3rd place on the Quality of Life Index list 2015. Out of a whopping 138 UK cities and areas Hertfordshire has remained at 3rd since the last survey was done in 2013. It can take credit for a few 1st places on the list too, such as the No1 spot for both the highest disposable income and the highest employment stats in the whole of the UK at 78%!

Only Hertfordshire and Berkshire from the South East of England made it into the top 10 on the list, beating London and all the beautiful Home Counties that surround it. Household income is considerably higher than the rest of the UK and our life expectancy is above average too, it must be all the clean country air!

Properties in Hertfordshire are higher than average for the UK but this is probably connected to the higher income of its population, in comparison to London prices they are far more reasonable. The average cost of a terraced house in Hertfordshire will set you back £344,051, compared to a terraced house in London which is on average £604,529, so nearly double! It’s no surprise then that Hertfordshire is one of the most sought after places for people wanting to move from London to but to stay within commuting distance for work.

Businesses in Hertfordshire are thriving and the services they receive are second to none with 99% mobile phone coverage and very high broadband speeds, setting up and running a successful business here is very much a reality so creating fantastic job prospects for local people.

If you are thinking of moving to Hertfordshire, there are many beautiful towns and villages to explore before you decide on one to settle down in, if you would like any advice please pop in to see us in Hertford, our favourite obviously!

Some things get better with age!

Hertford is a town steeped in history from its Castle with beautiful gate house and sweeping tree lined river to the medieval layout of this market town with it’s many original timber framed buildings. One of which is home to our new office for our independent and family run estate agents, Abel of Hertford. This particular 15th Century building is very unusual because of the size of the timber frame which runs from the corner of Fore Street and Market Place which is our building, and quite a way down Fore Street, encompassing a number of shops and residential properties. It’s a bit of a mystery to local historians because a market town this size doesn’t usually have such a grand structure from this period, these would have been the reserve of larger towns and cities. There is speculation that this building was constructed to house members of parliament during the period that London was besieged by the Plague, the Castle was also used to house parliament so maybe the situation required a more permanent and larger structure to be built.

It was built using the ‘Post and Beam’ technique which made it possible to create large interior spaces as the huge pieces of wood were strong enough to hold up to a lot more weight so upper floors could be created, the beams are still as solid today as they were when built roughly 500 years ago! The up exterior is covered in ornamental stucco patterns currently painted with a white wash

The earliest references to the town are in 731AD which refer to the town as ‘Herutford’, ‘Herut’ being the old English spelling of Hart meaning a fully mature stag, thus meaning the ford where Harts are found. Hertford is located at the joining of four rivers, the Rib, Beane, Mimram which all join the River Lea on its way into London.

Hertford today is a growing, vibrant and forward thinking town with great local shops, fantastic schools, great community events and beautiful country walks to name but a few. We are so proud to be located at the heart of this market town surrounded by all this history!