Beware Black Friday!

Dental floss, microwave ovens and traffic lights are just a few inventions that America has given the world.

Our cousins across the pond have also given us Black Friday where businesses heavily discount their products and services.

The amount of online purchases surge on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

However, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Many customers and businesses across the UK are turning their back on it.

At Abel of Hertford, our first port of call is always to use local independent shops in Hertford before online giants and chain stores.

With ‘too good to be true’ offers circulating on the net this time of year it’s a wise move to be cautious before committing your hard-earned cash to buy something that seems a massive bargain.

Black Friday is boom time for cybercriminals and fraudsters. And they are coming up with increasingly clever ways to swindle unsuspecting victims.

Here are four tips which can help you avoid Black Friday and online shopping scams.

  • Make sure links are accurate. Don’t confirm any purchase if the link doesn’t have the secure padlock icon.
  • Avoid using unsecured Wi-Fi networks. If you’re shopping away from home, make sure your mobile device has the latest software updates and give unsecured Wi-Fi networks a swerve.
  • Never click through on email links. Instead, go directly to the retailer’s web site via your browser. A sensible rule of thumb is if you type “” into your browser, you’ll get to the real Amazon.
  • Massive discounts often equal dodgy products. Many of these type of discounts on name branded products are counterfeits. Double-check the retailers’ details to make sure they’re well known and trustworthy.

Black Friday is something that doesn’t work in estate agency. Of course, people want value for money, but most vendors and landlords understand when something is very cheap, it often leaves them not feeling too cheerful.

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Why the property market in Hertford never sleeps!

In this two-minute read, we pull back the covers to see why the property market in Hertford has insomnia and discover that’s no bad thing for local property owners. PLUS, three bonus tips on getting a good night’s sleep.


The floor to ceiling coverage of the General Election may have you dozing off.

The seemingly never-ending story called Brexit might be sending you off to sleep.

And with Christmas starting to creep into our consciousness you may well feel in need of a lie-down.

But allow us to shatter a sleep myth. Counting sheep doesn’t work folks.

Another myth is that the property market in Hertford goes to sleep at this time of year, and then wakes up again in mid-January.

The truth is the property market locally has insomnia.

Yes, it certainly calms down in the run-up to an election or Christmas, but good estate agencies understand it never enters the realm of deep sleep if you know what you’re doing.

That’s because serious buyers are always out there, many want to be in their new homes in early 2020, so they are searching with real intent right now.

This means putting your property on the market in November gives you a great chance of getting in front of these wide-awake potential buyers.

There’s always a section of buyers who must move regardless of elections, political uncertainty or looming festive periods and seasonal shutdowns. And our database has plenty of them poised to leap out of bed should the right home become available.

Getting your property on the market now could prove to be your best decision of 2019.

But don’t lose sleep over it.

However, if you do struggle to get a good night’s sleep, you’ll find sweet dreams are made of these three top tips.

  • Have a regular bedtime and getting up time. (Easier said than done if you have small children).
  • Switch your phone off at 8 pm, swap your tablet / iPad for a book and let your brain and body unwind.
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and strenuous exercise before hitting the hay as these all stimulate parts of the mind and body that make drifting off into deep sleep much harder to achieve.

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How to help your pets cope during fireworks season!


In this two-minute read we look at how to help your pets stay as calm as possible during fireworks season.

So the trick and treating is over for another year.

But fresh off the back of the ghostly going-ons of Halloween we plunge straight into fireworks season.

Bonfire Night used to be consigned to November 5th but events marking this time of year can happen before and after the historic date when Guy Fawkes put a rocket under Parliament’s backsides.

Amid all the whizzes, fizzes, cracks, crashes, bangs and booms, spare a thought for your pets.

This isn’t a fun time of year for most of them but if you follow these pieces of advice from Purina, a leading pet food brand, it needn’t be a traumatic experience.

1 – Get them familiar with the sounds of fireworks season. Search YouTube for Firework sounds or click this link.

2 – Try not to react to fireworks noise. With dogs in particular you are seen as the leader of the pack and if you jump or show anxiety when a sound occurs they will take this as a cue to be worried.

3 – Use other sounds like the radio and TV to lessen the impact on your pets of noises happening outside.

4 – Get your dog’s walkies done before it gets dark. And it’s not a good idea to take them to fireworks’ displays even if they seem calm.

5- There are several good products out there which can help soothe pets including plugins and sprays. Seek your vet’s advice about the best ones for your particular type of pet.

6 – A straightforward way to take your pets’ minds off the noises and sights is to draw your curtains.

7 – Don’t forget if you have animals which live outside like rabbits or horses it’s worth checking them regularly to ensure they are comfortable and as calm as can be.

And finally spoil them with treats and hugs to make them feel relaxed, this approach often works with your human nearest and dearest too.

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