Ways to stop wasting your money in Hertford!


“What a waste of money.”

It’s something we’ve all heard someone say. And if we’re honest with ourselves, something we’ve all done at some point.

Buying that jumper that never saw the light of day.

The gym membership that got about as much use as a sun lounger in Antarctica.

Or forgetting you were subscribed to that ‘it’ll change my life’ monthly service you never ended up using.

But don’t feel too bad because your money spending mistakes probably pale into insignificance compared to the one below.

Not so friendly

In 2005 ITV bought the social networking site Friends Reunited for a reported £175m. Then Facebook popped up in 2006. Uh oh.

ITV sold Friends Reunited for £25m in 2009. The website closed down in 2016.

The good news is at the end of this article we’ll share a link on how to make your cash go further from Mr Moneysavingexpert himself, Martin Lewis.

Across Hertford we see people wasting their money by using estate agents who charge a cheap fee to sell a home BUT end up getting their client a lower offer  for the property due to a lack of skill or will.

This difference can be tens of thousands of pounds in some cases.

Cheap Agencies are Not Cheerful

Look at this simplified but relevant example.

An agency says they’ll charge you a 0.5 per cent fee to sell your home, which they put on the market for £100,000.

You’ve chosen them over an agency that charges a 1.5 per cent fee. You wanted to save a few quid.

But the cheaper agency only gets you £90,000 for it – they blame the market and tell you this is the best you’ll get for your biggest tax-free asset. After their fee you have £89,550 left.

In a parallel world, the other more motivated and skilled agent gets you the asking price of £100,000. They put more money into marketing your property, the quality of their staff and are much better negotiators.

They take their well-earned £1,500 fee leaving you with £98,500 — nearly £9000 more.

So, the ‘cheaper’ agent, who at first glance looked to be saving you dosh, ended up wasting it.

We hope that’s given you some valuable food for thought.

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Let’s Talk

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Oh, and here’s a link to that money-saving page that might come in handy.


What will Hertford homes look like in 2030?!



Back in 1989 the BBC technology show Tomorrow’s World looked at what the average UK home of 2020 would look like.

Its predictions were hit and miss, but they did forecast technology would play a huge part in how we lived.

They said we’d be able to control our lighting, music and heating by voice commands (Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.). That our homes would be more energy efficient (we’re getting there) and that our windows would be able to turn into TV screens at the flick of a switch (not just yet).

And as we ease into the new decade, people who look ahead to see how technology will shape our lives (they’re called futurists), have been making some predictions of their own for the homes of 2030.

These include:

  • Ditch your keys – Facial, fingerprint and voice recognition that opens your doors could become commonplace meaning that the scramble to find your keys becomes a thing of the past.
  • Modular Homes – Think LEGO on a grand scale. Futurists suggest technology will make it possible for people to increase or reduce the size of their property to fit their needs.
  • E-cars – Electric vehicles and charging points will become the norm. As our homes become smarter at storing energy, futurists predict we will be able to share surplus power with our neighbours more easily.
  • Technology free rooms – People will start seeking refuge from gadgets in low tech, screen-free ‘quiet’ spaces.
  • Wow Wardrobes – Struggling to choose what to wear? Smart wardrobes will receive data from your schedule and weather updates to suggest what clothes you own that are best suited to your day ahead.

The big changes will involve what happens in our homes, not how they look from the outside.

As wonderful as technology can and will be, at Abel we never forget our clients love ‘old fashioned’ things like courtesy, personal service and expert local knowledge.

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Beat the bluest of Monday’s with Abel!


Bob Geldof KBE sung about his dislike for Mondays in the classic Boomtown Rats’ hit.

It’s safe to say then, that Bob REALLY wouldn’t like Monday 20 January.

Psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall has identified the date as being the most depressing day of the year.

And here’s why Dr Arnall came to his conclusion.

  • The weather this time of year is usually rubbish.
  • The Christmas feelgood factor is long gone and the credit card bills from the festive period start arriving.
  • Add to that a lot of us have broken our new year resolutions and the long summer days and evenings seem far, far away.

But it need not be all doom and gloom – here are seven super simple things you can do to lift your mood – at any time of the year.

Listen to a song you love.

Get outside in the fresh air. We are so spoiled in Hertford with lots of nice places to walk around.

Have a tidy up.

Treat yourself to something nice – a cake, a book or a day out.

Call your best friend.

Do something nice for someone else with no expectation of getting something back.

Get up, dress up and list three things you are grateful for.

If the above fails, you can always put a note in your phone/calendar/diary looking forward to Friday 17 July which according to Dr A’s formula is the happiest day of the year.

At Abel we take pride in putting smiles on our clients’ faces and doing our bit to add some cheer to the community in Hertford!

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Busting the January Property Market Myth in Hertford

In this 90-second read, we reveal why there’s a lot more happening in January than new diets, broken resolutions and returning to normality.


 “Nothing happens in January, does it?”

It’s a question we hear a lot from homeowners in Hertford who are thinking of selling but considering putting things off until spring.

While that statement might be true about the number of events on people’s social calendars, it doesn’t apply to the property market because there’s plenty of activity happening.

The truth is January sees five out of the ten busiest property searching days on the internet, according to the portal Rightmove.

The five dates when new home seeking souls hit the web in huge numbers are:

  • 13th January
  • 21st January
  • 27th January
  • 2nd January
  • 12th January

January is a time when serious buyers re-enter the market. It’s a time when the people most motivated to change where they live get moving and start looking with real intent, as the above stats shows.

So, things do happen in the Hertford property market in January.

We’ve already seen buyer confidence returning following the General Election.

Now is an ideal time to get your home on the market and get noticed by those record internet numbers throughout January.

Plus, if you put your home up for sale this month, you’ll avoid the spring stampede and stand out from the crowd.

Feel free to get in touch with us for a chat about what we can make happen for you this month.

Thanks for reading and from all the team at Abel we wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2020.